This is capitalism

This is capitalism.
The perfect matrix
to squeeze us dry.

Like ants we work all day
Every day we struggle
In meaningless jobs
That destroy our joy
And produce commodities
Nobody needs
Or needs too often
For they intentionally break
(our will, planet, heart).

This is capitalism
The perfect matrix
Where we are allowed the pretense of freedom
On saturday and sunday
Where we happily consum
For busy relaxation
All the commodities we created

Monday to Friday
Or seven days a week
With no time at all
For all those needs
we didn’t know we had
Until we only had time on weekends
or none at all
To take care of them.

This is capitalism
Claiming we are in luck
With a propaganda of fear
Beating us into servitude and gratitude
To even have a little place
In their perfect consumer funnel.
Gaslighting us into feeling privileged and oh so grateful
To earn our inherent rights.

This is capitalism
Killing our creativity in long intensely numbing years of school
To shape the perfect battery
Who only dabbles at dreams
During sleepless nights
Between bouts of anxiety and depression.

This is capitalism
A euphemism for human greed
Dripping our energy and soul
Like a leaky faucet
And hypnotizing us
Into forgetting our might and choice
And our very souls
While we drip drip and struggle
Blinded and gratefull
Towards another weekend
Of mindless consumption
Drip dripping delicious money
Into their endless greedy beaks.

This is capitalsm
Holding us captive
And smokescreening us
While burning down the house
With us in it.

This is capitalism
With it’s top tier profiteers and clandestine machinations
Turning us into hedonistic commodities.

This is capitalism:
Morbidly fascinating
And the perfect crime
A perpeto mobile
Of utterly destructive consequence.

Thank you for riding with us.
We’ll cash your soul at the exit.


Can you see the matrix?