Antlitz [ˈantˌlɪʦ] is an old german and poetic word for face, countenance, visage. I chose this word for my faunal portraits, because it encompasses so much more than simple features. It holds personality and soul.

It is that, which looks back.

Eyes are windows to the soul, and the soul is tethered in the spirit that connects us all. Animals are innocent and guileless. There is no subterfudge.  Every animal, plant, fungus or stone is pure and alive and necessary for Earth and Soul to survive, let alone thrive. We forgot.

I combine filigree details with exaggarated ones, giving charm to weirdness and gently reminding you of the soft animals we are. We are what looks back at us.



You tell me your animal. 

I will draw it for you

to draw nature home to you.


Depending on the complexity of your commissioned piece the net investment starts at

€ 179.- for DIN A5
€ 279.- for DIN A4
€ 379.- for DIN A3

International shipping & shipping extra. Mind potential customs for overseas orders. Read terms and conditions or send me an email if you have additional questions. Size and price approximately.


No matter where we are, the shadow that trots behind us is definitely four-footed.

– Clarissa P. Estés


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