Weeping Waters

‘Weeping Waters’ | Watercolor on artist paper | Aquarell auf Aquarellpapier | 2018




A little video documenting the process of creating weeping waters. An artist friend of mine uses liquid watercolor to create amazing artwort, unlike any I have ever seen. Her technique is super intuitive and fun, so I joined one of her courses. First time working with this material, and albeit I needed to get familiar with it first, its soooo much fun! And now that I got the hang of it I realize how versatile this color is – liquid watercolor!
Here in this creation I mixed watercolor with my signature ballpoint style, called weeping waters. Abstract background combined and contrasted with very concrete ballpoint drawings, creating an effect.


I used liquid watercolor on 200g watercolor paper, roughly size around DIN A2. After working wet in wet I put cling wrap to create the unique pattern of the tree’s leaves. After it’s dry I removed the cling wrap and  started working out the deatails, by adding more color and thus mixing them directly on paper. With this unique combination of aquarel color and paper it’s possible to remove the pigments simply by adding water.
The character weeping at the roots of the tree was sketched before I added the watercolor. Afterwards I worked bit by bit on the details, such as adding ballpoint patterns and little highlights here and there, some more shade or color etc.

The original art is up for grabs as soon as it’s fine-tuned and scanned.
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