Editorial Illustrations | Der Bagger | 2017

I am working on the website for author and philosopher Stefan Antonik-Seidler and in the course of this I found something of mine by chance. Meaning, I found some editorial illustrations I did ‘back then’ for the little satirical viennese newspaper ‘der bagger’. Unfortunately not long after I joined the team the paper shut down. No, I don’t think I am to blame… I think *hmmmm*.

Anyway, jokes aside, here are the links and the more noteworthy illustrations and accompanying articles (actually my illustrations were accompanying the articles, but this page is my stage so… ;)

Ausgabe Bagger #20    Wo ist bloss die Frau Haselbach?

Ausgabe Bagger #19   Unsichtbare Regierungen und Egotrip

Ausgabe Bagger #19   Punctum

Ausgabe Bagger #18   Das Verstummen