Treatment Protocols and prophylaxe for Sars-Cov-2

In Austria and many countries when you infected with C you are supposed to just wait and do … nothing. No suggestion for treatment at home at all. Avoiding hospitalization is likelier when every infection is treated early on or prevented. Treatment isn’t talked about much in lame stream media, which is really baffling, since c0vid is treatable and preventable to a high degree according to many experts and frontline medical professionals. There ARE things you can do at home.


Was tun bei C-Erkrankung oder Infektion zuhause, selbst und rezeptfrei?

JEDENFALLS großzügig dosiert, essentiell auch als Vorbeugung in normalen Dosierungen:

Vit C (Ester-C, reines Hagebuttenpulver, Sanddorn etc)
Vit D3 (bipa, nature love zB)
Zink (am besten flüssiges Zink zb von natural elements),
Gluthation/NAC oder Reisprotein (damit hat Körper alle Aminosäuren um Gluthation selbst zu produzieren) Schützt Lunge, ist antiviral und ein starkes Antioxidanz!

Nasenspray Coldamaris plus – auch für das Umfeld und selbst wenn man krank ist (ich hab das unterwegs immer dabei)
Nasen/Rachenspülungen vorbeugend UND zur Behandlung prallel – mit antiviralen Mitteln – NETI Pot oder Nasen Spülflaschen um von der Nase in den Rachen zu spülen.

Weiters Artemisia Annua Tee, oder Silberkolloid zur Behandlung daheim.
Mineralstoff- oder Basenmischung trinken um pH Wert, also Milieu im Körper, zu harmonisieren. Zu saures Milieu fördert krankmachendes.

Alles in Drogeriemärkten, Apotheken oder online, rezeptfrei zu bekommen.

VERMEIDEN von Industrie-Zucker (OBST ist GUT!), Kaffee, Fleisch etc. alles was übersäuert.


There are literal cheap and effective preventions and treatments available, from boosting your natural immune system with supplements and fresh foods as the basis and cutting out detrimental foods, drinks and habits. Obviously there are quarrying studies and opinions on everything, just as there are different interests attached to the respective studies. In the end, your health is your responsibility, and I venture that many want to early treat an infection rather than do nothing, especially with co-morbidities and other risk factors influencing the severity of an infection.

On a sidenote, pHARMaceutical products or treatments cannot get emergency use authorization if other treatment is available – I will list some documentaries at the end of the page if you want to dive into that. An as of yet unclear percentage of deaths ascribed to C are actually due to co-morbidities, wrongful counting (people who were tested positive but died of other causes entirely) and supposedly also to medical maltreatment and because of lack of early treatment. This is my personal collection of data, links, opinions and a collection in progress. See disclaimer at end of page. I can only provide appetizer studies to get you started.

I personally prefer naturopathy and natural remedies to pHARMaceutical products, fully aware that every branch of medicine, natural of pharmaceutical, has its usefulness depending on the individual case.

But I will list everything I come across that can potentially help mitigate any symptoms. Mind you, you have to do your own research because I can only give pointers here – each topic is a rabbit hole of info.

First it seems widely recognized that a healthy level of Vit D, Vit C and liquid Zinc level (and then you have to include magnesium) is a necessary support of the immune system in general. When infected or having symptoms higher levels are recommended. If you are not sure ask your naturopath or check your blood levels. Take higher quality supplements and not the Vit C white crystals from the pharmacy but f.e. dried rose hip powder, Acerola, Ester C, …

From personal experience, taking high quality supplements has immensely improved my health. I have not been in any way sick or ill, not even a cold, for the past years since I started to regulary take Vit D and other supplements. So tending to your health and getting interested in the topic with a holistic approach is certainly a good step. Generally know recommendations we can probably agree on are to reduce industrial sugars (but fruits are great!), reduce smoking/alcohol/animal products and processed foods and start moving your body, spend time in Nature (keep her clean), drink good, clean water and sleep enough. You know, all the things we struggle with despite our best knowledge ;)

NOTHING I collect here is a guarantee in any way, because we all are different. But I think it’s better to do something than nothing, so long as it we take care.



Detoxing the toxins we take in daily (thank you Big notorious Corporations for poisoning our foods, water, air, cosmetics, clothes etc): I take high quality SPIRULINA and best combine it in a way MEDICAL MEDIUM DETOX SMOOTHIE suggests.

Natural Immunity is THE KEY and as we all know, there are some factors like obesity, smoking, diabetes, fear and stress etc. factoring into the severity of the C infections.

PREVENTION: Nasal washout and gargle solution

Since the C0Virus seems to incubate in the nose and throat for the first couple days it’s probable that this reduces the viral load and thus reduces risk of severe illness. Use net pot or nasal irrigators with iodine solution or at the end of a day in close proximity with (infected) people.

Coldamaris Plus Nasal spray:

Nasenspray (Ö) rezeptfrei in der Apotheke (over the counter in Austria); Es wird bei Influenze empfohlen und “Auch wenn COLDAMARIS eine Infektion mit SARS-CoV-2 nicht vollständig verhindert, kann es das Risiko einer Infektion und Virusverbreitung stark reduzieren, wie in klinischen Studien gezeigt werden konnte.” (29.1.2022, Source)
Es hat den Inhaltsstoff Iota-Carrageen (like the Nasitral Nasal spray): ‘05.05.2021 Nach Angaben von Amcyte Pharma hat sich Nasitrol / Nasitral Nasenspray (Wirkstoff Iota-Carrageen) in einer unabhängigen klinischen Studie als wirksam bei der Verringerung von COVID-19-Infektionen beim Personal von Intensivstationen erwiesen.’


Betadine nasal washout and gargle:

It is called the Bangladeshi method of dealing with the C which is supposedly quite effective. Some studies to study here 

Dr. Peter McCullough recommends f.e this recipe for gargling ‘as an excellent preventive measure for COVID-19’:

10% Povidone Iodine is available OTC (Over the Counter) without a prescription at any drug store for a few dollars. Here is the link: Povidone 10% Iodine on Amazon

Note: This 10% Povidone Iodine must be diluted by one tenth, to 1% strength before use as a mouth wash, otherwise it is too strong and irritating. Dilute by adding 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of the 10% Povidone Iodine into a full glass of water (250-300 ml). This will make the product diluted enough to use as a mouth rinse, or gargle, (approximately 1.0 to 1.2 %)

2 tablespoons = 30ml povidone iodine
1 glass water = 250-300 ml

Dr. McCullough recommends routine use of this mouthwash on a daily basis, and especially after contact with large indoor groups. SOURCE > C0vidAdvisor


What about masks and sneeze etiquette?

There is inconclusive data whether masks are effectively working for the public and daily use, but it is definitely not healthy to wear masks for too long – lets be honest: most if not all of us wear masks somewhat arbitrary, understandably so. Most of us wear it for protection against fines. We touch them, touch other stuff, breathe around them, wear them down. So while we deprave ourselves of fresh air and oxygen, which is really bad for brain and all funcitons… it really helps very little. Sweden didn’t even bother to mandate it, and only Austria and Germany are nuts enough to mandate FFP2 masks *eyeroll*.

The magic sure happens with sneeze etiquette and distance when you have symptoms (I don’t think we should indiscriminately keep our distance to loved ones – we need close contact to stay healthy).
There is mounting data that suggests that there is a very low prevalence regarding asymptomatic contagion, and personally it sounds plausible to me – we are living organisms full of microbes always. It’s just something we have to deal with responsibly. Yeah, please wash your hands with soap when necessary (beware of OCD) (also, disinfectant is bad for the skin, weakening your skin protection), we should have that down pat after two years ;)

What they effectively do is shut us up, hurt children’s development as they (as we all) learn much facial expressions. To hide our faces and cover our mouths is psychologically impactful, and not in a good way.



Don’t forget that in the right milieu only the right kind of microbes thrive. In bad pH bad microbes thrive. So in other words, eat your veggies, fruits, as organic and local as possible. Read up on which foods and drinks give you a acidic and which one put you in fine alcalic milieu. So that the bad microbes do not stand a chance. Due to SAD Standard American Diet (I think the acronym fits) and western civilization in general we tend to eat too much processed crap (which is acidic) and animal products (acidic). So for me I at least ad more mineral mixes to drink, especially if I have eaten any sweets or coffee or such.


the Coronation

FLCCC Protocols: Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance


Swiss Policy Research (de+en): Behandlungsprotokoll für Covid-19

C0VID ADVISOR protocols


Citizens Council for  Health Freedom


Dr. McCullough  offers some insights into early treatment and the podcast is very worth listening to:

🔊 Podcast Joe Rogan Experience: #1747 Dr. McCullough on spotify


🔊 Aubrey Markus podcast #337: The inconveniently Injured (and natural immunity)


For respiratory issues

* Gluthatione: supposedly quite effective for the lungs

‘Several lung disorders are believed to be characterized by an increase in alveolar oxidant burden, potentially depleting alveolar and lung glutathione. Low glutathione has been linked to abnormalities in the lung surfactant system and the interaction between glutathione and antiproteases in the epithelial lining fluid of patients.’ SOURCE > Sciencedirect, 14.1.2022.   + SOURCE +

* NAC (N-acetylcysteine):  promotes Gluthatione production in the body

‘N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is inexpensive, has very low toxicity, has been FDA approved for many years, and has the potential to improve therapeutic strategies for COVID-19. NAC administered intravenously, orally, or inhaled, may suppress SARS-CoV-2 replication and may improve outcomes if used timely.’
‘To protect those who have not contracted SARS-Cov-2, oral NAC (600 mg, bid) could be an effective and economical measurement to modulate their immune systems against potential infection. Once onset symptoms appear, such as fever or dry cough, oral NAC (1200 mg, bid) could be taken to alleviate symptoms and accelerate recovery from virus infection.’ SOURCE

* Budesonid Asthma spray early treatment, information f.e. here and here:
13.04.2021 Eine frühzeitige Behandlung mit inhalativem Budesonid verkürzt die Genesungszeit bei Patienten mit COVID-19, die ein höheres Risiko für eine schwerere Erkrankung haben und ambulant behandelt werden, im Mittel um drei Tage laut der Platform Randomised Trial of Interventions against COVID-19 in Older People (PRINCIPLE) Studie der Universität Oxford.’ (Quelle, 29.1.2022


Silver Colloid

Still need to read into that but when used correctly it can be very effective, as there is no buildup of resistance against it. I didn’t do a lot of research, but here is a starter: Potent antiviral effect of silver on SarsC0v2


Cannabis, CBD and THC and other cannabinoids, could be an effective treatment with cytokine storms.


Ivermectine or Hydroxychloroquine etc. in combination with Zinc

listed by the WHO as an essential drug, mainly used for antiparasitic treatment but has been proven effective in treatment of 0vid in many countries and instances. Ridiculed and not allowed to use in many countries or hospitals, likely because of pharmaceutical lobbying (ivermectin is cheap and easy to produce – but prices went UP these days as its hard to get… go figure). It is already an essential drug, so the worst that can happen is that patients treated with this correctly according to the protocolls are rid of their parasites. In my book, that’s better than taking experimental drugs that mess with your whole system in unpredicted ways :/

Collection of studies:

Essential Oils and the ACE2 receptors

opinions differ, but read yourself. I personally love essential oils (they are medicine, so treat it like that) but research yourself. some say they attach to these ACE receptors where the C is docking, so it basically reduces the amount of C that can dock onto cells. Read here for example or here and do your own research.

Artemisia annua

While we are taking about this I must sincerely recommend you to watch the documentary ‘The Fever’ to get a good understanding of how the tea can prevent malaria VERY effectively, and studies point to the same properties for C. No wonder pHARMa is all over it again. Better get your own seeds and plants and tea …read on it here and hier



Origina Study: HERE        Description:

The COVID Survival Rates With/Without Vaccine – No Differences


There are uncountable documentaries and reports about the influence of Big pHARMa (yes I am biased against them) and Big Tech and Big Money… so.

DOKU DW Big Pharma: How much power do drug companies have

DOKU The Fever – Malaria

DOKU arte: Big Pharma – Die Allmacht der Konzerne

BOOKS. all Books by Vandana Shiva especially Oneness vs. 1 %



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