Top 5 digital tools for Artists

If you are an artist and want to share your work with an audience, you will soon find out it’s nearly a science these days. When I startet to learn about the business side of being an artist, I soon understood why social media marketing is a job in its own right. It took me a while of research and trial’n error to find some tools that really make life easier for me. Although good tools don’t substitute good planning they do go a long way to execute your plans without too much of a drain. I am going to share them with you in the hopes to make life easier for you as well.


#1 Photo Editor

To get your message – that you are a respectable, serious artist – you need to share pictures of your work online: via fb, IG, twitter, and all those other social media platforms and of course on your website. The more coherent your visual language is, the more professional it is. You want to try to always use the same sort of filter, lighting or coloring. To achieve that, there are many apps and programms out there. I prefer one app that isn’t to specific (for I don’t want to be dependent on one app for my special filter) and gives me just the right amount of options to be versatile.

With Photo Editor (free version, app by dev. macgyver) you can adjust color, contrast, hue, brigthness, etc. add filters, add text (even custom fonts!) and a bunch of other tools, like making pdfs or gifs. I really recommend this app, as you can also crop and resize images the way you need them for your respective social media channel.


#2 – Design Tool

Tis desktop programm is Designer, Collage maker and Photo Editor rolled into one (free).  If you prefer working on bigger screens and get some help designing your media – this is it. Even the free version offers a lot of useful design options. This programm will do in a pinch if you are not too keen on using your brand font (unless it is provided here). I find it a useful tool to quickly adjust my images if I cannot access my usual programms and tools.


#Later – Plan for IG

It can be a pain in the a*s to stay on top of all your social media marketing. Take or choose pictures, pimp and prune them, write catching copytext… and post them regularly. While there are many apps and possibilities to plan in advance, Instagram made it so that you can neither plan your posts automatically (update: this has changed now some apps like Later can actually post automatically), nor have another service do it for you. So the best you can do is f.e. use Later to prepare and plan your content for the forseeable future. While the app cannot post automatically either, it will remind you at the due time of the posting and you will just have to copy paste your content. This is the quickest solution so far. Of course other services like hootsuite provide that service as well, but I kind of like Later as it is ONLY for IG postings.


#LastPass – online Safe

Almost every website these days wants you to login to access the good stuff. While I totally understand that, keeping track of all my Login Data is simply overwhelming, bordering on frustrating (provided you don’t use one password for all your logins – which you should never do!). I solved this problem with the professional version of LastPass, a cross-plattform app that will safely store your login data for you. It’s basically an online safe. I still wouldn’t store my credit card number there, better safe than sorry, but

#Evernote – collect your ideas

This is a pretty amazing cross-platform app, that lets you take notes and collect them in ‘notebooks’. There is a free version, which is sufficient enough, and a pro version to let you synch all your devices. If you are a mulitpassionate being like me, this is a great app to keep track of a ton of ideas and a gazillion projects – and in one spot.

There are too many helpful tools out there to count, and not everything works for all of us. These are some of the tools I prefer in terms of my virtual presence. Other I tried and can see the benefit, but truth be told I am more of the analogue type of gal.

#Bonus-tip: Trello

you can use Trello as a kind of easy to use client management tool. Make boards like ‘Potential clients’ >  ‘Appointments’ > ‘Follow up’ > ‘Done Deal’ > ‘Maybe Later’

It’s a cross plattform app that allows you to organize your clients and workflow and even share it with your team.


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