The point of art

… when the world is burning down around us, one crisis haunts another and we have a prognosis of 11 years to make a u-turn? Ah, don’t worry! It’s one theory in billions. Nothing is set in stone. But it is sensational, because a count down elicits fear and stress. Alas… the evergreen question: When art is a luxury, then what is the point of art?

Here in the face of apocalypse (i am joking!) I still have a need and motivation to create and share with you, dear world. Maybe even more so in the face of this. Let me just jump right in.

Most of us have adverse childhood experiences (ACE) that impact our developement – it is pandemic with little exceptions. If you want to have a closer look at what that means, go ask the world wide web, and check as well for complex ptsd, developemental trauma or childhood emotional neglect or some such as a starting point. As those overwhelming experiences often happen before we can properly speak we later hardly have words for those bruises. Visual art (drawing and painting), inuitive poetry were my ways to express my inner landscape and a means for my soul to shake off the bruises.

Creatures, colors and words take shape intuitively like pieces already waiting to form a predestined constellation, tumbling out of inner chaos into their externalised order. Poetry and visual art always were a valve and a balm, a means of expression, self-soothing and reaffirming my being here on this crazy, wounded, emotional and uniquely beautiful planet that provides for us despite our worst efforts.

Being creative is like communicating with Soul and anchoring her presence here.

I have a bone-deep love for the wild and her creatures. To me nature is the only panacea, my church and salvation rolled into one and imho reconnecting to pachamama is the only hope for the perseverence of humanity.

With my faunal portraits I express my appreciation of the wild creature and my reflection therein – for all is one and there is always more beyond.

Every creature is an individual and yet so obviously a vessel for the whole universe – as are humanimals. The individual and universal soul reflected in their eyes and their devastating purity fill me with so much gratitude, peace and love. I wish we would all remember and cherish other beings as we do our own life…

Well, come to think of it: do we really value our life? Or do we just cling to it with our mammalian brain, like all life clings to life? Because being truly aware of how precious life is, we surely would make a whole bunch of healthier choices.

Ahimsa – to refrain from harming any living beings – should be an integral core value, for it has grand implications for our personal life and our societies as a whole.

Experiencing the shamanic take on realities, spirit animals and meetings with my own spirit guides, yogic and theosophical understandings of life and even growing scientific studies continuously add layers and depth to this 3D life. I am aware of the universal spirit that reminds me that I, too, am part of this web. I am intrinsically connected to everything. You are too, whether you believe or not. Sorry, the is no cop-out.

This is what I would like to convey with my art

To remind you that no life is worth less, because all life is part of you and me: through the spirit that connects us and through the ripple effect we have on each other.

I think we all have much to share. The struggle of getting to the point of actually believing in one Self enough to step into the light does not detract from your gift. Quite the opposite, really.

And… one way or the other I always struggled with this human world that can be so destructive. For a long time – and sometimes still – I wondered about the point: the point of art, my life, everything! Why make art in the face of such destruction?

I realized that this question is also the answer

The point of art is to add beauty to this miasma, because beauty is proof & product of soul as well as food for the soul. It is beacons of hope and pieces of beauty balancing out the widespread loss of soul in our human industrial societies. We are getting our soul back, one tear, one brushstroke, one heartbreak and one smile at a time.

The point of art is creation itself. Being creative – playing – is our creative potential manifested on a small scale, proving to us that there is more beyond this three dimensional limitations. Proving to us that the body is not limitation but vessel for a whole unlimited spectrum of experiences. Only when we create intuitively from the heart, because something wants to be created, colored, danced, sung, built etc… then it sings to other people, then it comes from the soul and touches the soul.

The point is that we are a releveant drop in the ocean of existence. Without us, withou you and me, this whole picture is unthinkable. Take a single entity out of the equation and there would be a missing piece. Since energy cannot disappear this is just a theoretical thing anyway. Whatever you send out – aka create – whatever you say, think or do has a ripple effect. Your state of emotion has a frequency – like a radio station you blast you song of joy or of despair, of gratitude or regret out into the world and add to the whole symphony. You can change you tune anytime, but remember, whatever you create will carry a sound outward into our collective and beyond. You matter.

The point is, that your creations matter. It doesn’t matter who sees, acknowledges or even endorses them. What matters it your emotional landscape when you create. So if creating art in whichever form feeds our soul we are practicing a kind of karma yoga – if we are not attached to the outcome.

The point is to become who we already are, beings of light with unlimited potential. Did I mention we are Soul?

I have written about this in german as well HERE/hier ein deutscher Beitrag von mir dazu HIER

As an encore… If you want to read a maybe more in depth, left brained, scientific or rather historic take on this topic, you might want to read this. Me sharing this LINK is simply a result of a quick wwweb search, and does not indicate any kind of responsibility for the content of said website or endorsement of it.


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