The Fire

The fires are raging
Through this decaying realm
Lapping hungry at stones
And devouring our homes.

Your arsonist asses
Feed the fire you started
So thanks for the fuel
That ignites this inferno

The fire is changing
It’s a turning tide now
Like a dragon unleashed
Lighting up this long night

You built the stakes high
You used us like kindling
Thought to inflame us
now you’ll hurt from the burn

Like the witch hunts revived
You shout false accusations
You point dirty fingers
At our sovereign crowns

While your shouting gets louder
To disguise your demise
The fires keep raging
Burning off all disguise

We come alive by the heat
Our true shape revealed
You told one lie too many
Your pockets too lined

Your corruption is heavy
It topples you over
Right into the stakes
You intended for us.

Our forebearers are roaring
At this madness unleashed
We’ve already been burned
At past stakes of your making

So this time around?

It’s our turn to rise.


@myripa 01.2022