Some of the best art challenges on IG

Sometimes its hard to stay on track with daily art practice, so you might find these art challenges the perfect support to help you stay motivated. These groups of artists also serve to help you out of an artist block, as there is encouragement. And yes, the competitive streak gets sparked: not against each other but rather – Can you do a drawing a day for 30 days?

Yes we can… or not. Either way, it’s okay, because if you keep trying for the alloted time you will see progress.

Below I listed some of the more popular as well as some random art challenges that might just help you to get what you need: inspiration, motivation, exposure or just plain old fun? Of course, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, but it gets you started.

Now check them out on IG and let us know in the comments if you find other artchallenges worth mentioning!


Covid19 update: #quarantober


You may want to subscribe to this one too to stay somewhat tuned: drawing challenges

For fun and one-time exposure #Toonme



This one is time independent and very popular, as many artist are hosting this. So… I cannot give you a specific name, just follow your favourite artists or sift through this hashtag to find your template inspiration.

February #Faebruary #faeriefeb

a challenge for the fairie-affine folks!


May #mermay gives you the rundown of challenge in may!


August #Smaugust

Dragon drawing challenge on IG and twitter in the month of August

September #sketchtember



October #Inktober

the Original, the first one, the one who startet it is artist @Jake Parker

Also in the month of october you find a wealth of promptlists from many artists, f.e.

#mabsdrawolleenclub  @Mab Graves very popular promptlist for inktober


#cookietober @Cookiesuky


#obscutober   @Nikolas Towers inktober promptlist

#occultober @kriptonbeedraws @odnatamyara

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