Making-of lion

Did I ever tell you I have a youtube channel? No? Well it is pretty newborn, but I am looking forward to bringing more videos, but at this point i still haven’t streamlined the process so I would hold my breath…

This is a sneak peek Video for my lion drawing, a commission work that will also available as an artprint soon (on my website). Sign-up for the newsletter if you want to keep track of whats happening every 4-6 weeks.

As you know I work with my favourite black ballpoint pen on paper. This Lion is DIN A3 in original size colored with watercolor.

Thanks a lot and ask me if you want to know anything specific. And please like the video if you like it.

There is a behind the scenes video of me drawing in a cafe… a live shot with my phone directly into my sketchbook. Yes, not everything I do is quite so realistic…


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