Inktober 2019

So I did not get into drawing for a while. Maybe we can call it a creative block. Lots of us have that, and it can be frustrating – wanting to but not being able to.

Art is not only a channel or way of expression that can be swapped with another modality. It offers a unique way of expressing aspects of something that cannot be expressed or satisfied any other way. And when that one way is blocked then something IS missing.

So what a blessing for inktober to come along again and actually motivate me to draw… well, if not daily, then at least semi regularly to try to keep up. It is fascinating to see progress wrung from rusty fingers already after a mere couple of days.

To save time, keep up and challenge me I started to combine prompts: bat+ catacombs, laboratory + Frankenstein, witch+coven,…

Go to my instagram profile to see more.

These drawings are in my sketchbook, if you are interested in purchasing one of them drop me an email for inquiry.




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