First Graffiti at TDDT Vienna

On the last weekend of June 2017 the festival ‘Tanz durch den Tag’ (dance through the day) happened in Vienna. I happened to be one of the lucky ones to be part of ionart‘s crew. We were charged (what a hardship… NOT!) to paint murals relating to the festival’s motto ‘Aufwind’ (Upwind).

Below you can see the video documenting my first time working with graffitti, recorded and cut by An Sei, a man of many talents. His first graffitti is the eagle on the corner as seen also at the end of the video.

The overall idea was to decorate the barrier dividing the entrance and the festival area to make it look more appealing. As the barrier consisted of a wire fence we had to work on tightly weaved, black construction nets so the wind could blow through unhindered.

I would like to thank my fellow artists who showed me how to use the different caps and hold the cans, how to get fine lines or create nice gradients (which at least in theory I now know). In the video you will see me conferring with another artist, name being Gioorgos and his amazing work is left of my virginal character.

On the left of Gioorgos you can see an impressive lettering ‘Serenity’ by talented artist and designer Katharina.
Around the bend on my left artist Sebastao also created his first graffitti artwork.

My second graffitti

On day three of the festival (I skipped day two, which they told me was the best day – go figure)I got the chance to try my hand at my second graffitti. This day Rob, another incredible artist, showed up to create a piece. He hails from Texas (I think) but somehow got stuck in Vienna… lucky us! He also gave me some tips on how to use the can and I kept a close eye on how he uses the spraycans.
I can tell you, after this weekend I now have a higher appreciation for graffitti artists, as the can has a will of her own. You gotta think about pressure, spray-labels and qualities, caps, surface, wind, weather, breathing mask and getting the hang of this technique.

Some places like the toilets where visually hidden by a mobile fence covered with white tarp. Here I was sharing space with mistermoiz’ amazing calligraphy artwork (who obviously did NOT work with can, but brush). I wanted to somehow connect those two – you can see it looks like the character and the swarm of calligraphy is interacting.

After the first virginal attempts at graffitti I had a bit of an easier time with this second one, as I already know what to expect from the cans. Or so I thought. The tarp was different from the black one, so suddenly I wasnt just struggling with the amount of color shooting out of the cans but also… the dripping. But oh, what I learned fast to love is… go with the flow. So it is dripping. Whatever. Work with it.

In this regard graffiti was a bit like working with ballpoint pen for me, as strange at that might sound.
With ballpoint there is no going back, no erasing. And even though I could spray over my mistakes with graffitti, at least for me at some point that was unfeasable. So I acceppted the behaviour of the spraypaint and worked with the ‘mistakes’, going with the flow and accepting what is, just like with the ballpoinpen.

If you are interested in buying this (or any) tarp and thereby supporting artists and the beatiful festival you can do so by contacting ionart.

Oh, and another fun tidbit: For the first time I printed pictures of the event on the spot with – the Founder Markus, who was one of the first in Europe with this fun feature, explained to me (and a thousand others) how it works.

And now a little album for you – enjoy!

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