Hometreatment + Early Treatment of C0vid

C0vid is treatable and preventable to a high degree according to many experts and frontline medical people. There surely are better ways to just wait and do nothing. Avoiding hospitalization is higher when every infection is treated early on or prevented. Treatment isn’t talked about much in lame stream media, which is reallly criminal in my opinion. There are literal cheap and highly effective treatments available, from boosting your natural immune system with supplements and fresh foods. Obviously there are quarrying studies and opinions on this, just as there are different interests attached to the respective studies. In the end your health is your responsibility, and I venture that many want to early treat an infection than do nothing, especially people with co-morbidities and other risk factors influencing the severity of an infection.

Opposed to lamestream media, incapable politics and obviously opposed to pHARMaceutical companies – who cannot push emergency use authorization if treatment is available – a high percentage of deaths ascribed to C are actually due to co-morbidities, wrongful counting (people who were testes positive but died of other causes entirely) and supposedly also to medical maltreatment and because of lack of early treatment. This is my personal collection of data, links, opinions and a collection in progress. See disclaimer at end of page.

I personally prefer naturopathy and natural remedies to pHARMaceutical products, but will list everything I come across that can potentially help mitigate any symptoms. Mind you, you have to do your own research because I can only give pointers here – each topic is a rabbit hole of info.

First off, keep up a healthy Vit D, Vit C and Zinc level in our bodies with increased levels if you are infected or having symptoms. If you are not sure ask your naturopath. From personal experience, taking high quality supplements has immensely improved my health. I have not been in any way sick or ill, not even a cold, for the past years since I started to regulary take Vit D and other supplements. Stay healthy or get healthy, reduce industrial sugars (but fruits are great!), reduce smoking, alcohol, animal products and processed foods and start moving, go into nature respectfully, drink clean water and sleep enough. You know, all the things we should do and know to do to be as healthy as possible and rarely actually do ;)



Detoxing the toxins we take in daily (thank you Big notorious Corporations for poisoning our foods, water, air, cosmetics, clothes etc): I take high quality SPIRULINA and best combine it in a way MEDICAL MEDIUM DETOX SMOOTHIE suggests.

Natural Immunity is THE KEY and as we all know, there are some factors like obesity, smoking, diabetes, fear and stress etc. factoring into the severity of the infections.


👌FLCCC Protocols: Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance


👌Swiss Policy Research (de+en): Behandlungsprotokoll für Covid-19

👌Protocol by: C19early.com

👌Citizens Council for  Health Freedom: Early treatment options

👌Naturopathy guidelines 

Dr. McCullough  offers some insights into early treatment and the podcast is very worth listening to:

🔊 Podcast Joe Rogan Experience: #1747 Dr. McCullough on spotify


For respiratory issues

* Gluthatione: supposedly VERY effective

‘Several lung disorders are believed to be characterized by an increase in alveolar oxidant burden, potentially depleting alveolar and lung glutathione. Low glutathione has been linked to abnormalities in the lung surfactant system and the interaction between glutathione and antiproteases in the epithelial lining fluid of patients.’ SOURCE > (Sciencedirect, 14.1.2022)

* NAC (N-acetylcysteine):  promotes Gluthatione production in the body

‘N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is inexpensive, has very low toxicity, has been FDA approved for many years, and has the potential to improve therapeutic strategies for COVID-19. NAC administered intravenously, orally, or inhaled, may suppress SARS-CoV-2 replication and may improve outcomes if used timely.’  SOURCE >> (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov  14.01.2022)

* Budesonid Asthma spray: info here and  here  


PREVENTION: Nasal washout and gargle solution

Since the C0Virus seems to fester in the nose and throat for the first couple days it’s probable that this reduced the virus quantity and thus reduces risk of illness.  f.e. with Neti pot) with iodine solution at the end of a day in close proximity with (infected) people.

Shared by Jai Bin Bai (fb):” Just had my first homebrew betadine nasal washout and gargle.
I used 60 drops (3mL) of 10% povidone iodine (topical disinfectant) from a 15 ml dropper, to 100 ml of water and put it in a plastic nasal irrigator that I normally use as a saline washout (neti pot). That should make 0.3% or thereabouts concentration.
100mL ended up being way too much (betadine is pretty intense up the nose, it ain’t like a regular saline washout). I ended up tossing half of it, even after using a bit of it to gargle with. I’ll probably just make 30mL or 50mL next time.

Anyway, just sharing my attempt at mimicking the Bangladeshi method of dealing with the ‘vid.

PS: I’m pretty confident that this prevents getting the ‘vid but I don’t know if it would help anyone who’s already got it. Furthermore, I don’t know if it allows for development of natural immunity.”

Silver Colloid

Potent antiviral effect of silver on SarsC0v2


Ivermectine or Hydroxychloroquine etc. in combination with Zinc

listed by the WHO as an essential drug, mainly used for antiparasitic treatment but has been proven effective in treatment of 0vid in many countries and instances. Ridiculed and not allowed to use in many countries or hospitals because of pharmaceutical lobbying (ivermectin is cheap and easy – only these days, since the demand is up and its availability restricted… go figure)

Collection of studies: c19ivermectin.com


Essential Oils and the ACE2 receptors

opinions differ, but read yourself. I personally love essential oils (they are medicine, so treat it like that) but research yourself. Here for example or here and do your own research.

Artemisia annua

While we are taking about this I must sincerely recommend you to watch the documentary ‘Malaria’ to get a good understanding of how tea can prevent malaria effectively, and studies point to the same properties for C. No wonder pHARMa is all over it again. Better get your own seeds and plants and tea …. here and hier


Monoclonal Antibodies

here … f.e.


What about Masks?

There is conclusive data that suggests that masks are really ineffective for the public and daily use. The magic happens with sneeze etiquette and distance when you have symptoms. There is mounting data that suggests that there is a very low prevalence regarding asymptomatic contagion, and personally I agree – we are living organisms full of microbes always. It’s just something we have to deal with responsibly.



Don’t forget that in the right milieu only the good microbes thrive. So in other words, eat healthy and get your bodies different pH milieu in order so that the bad microbes do not stand a chance. Healthy eating and living, detoxing, movement and lots of veggies and fruits (good portion of that raw and obviously organic) goes a long way towards health.



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