Hello dear dear!

I am a creative and introvert human supporting small business owners (and those soon-to-be) in distilling their dreams into visual brands custom fitted to each unique soul.

When I was little one could always find me either with a book (introvert by the book) or with some sort of pen or brush in my hands, getting color on the walls (sorry dad!) and the tablecloth (sorry mum!) and me. But I wasn’t dicouraged because art, right!

I always wanted to be an artist (who doesn’t?!/not really knowing what that would entail) but graphic design turned out to be the real(istic) deal, that gave me a very useful skillset. It also paved the way for my first legitimate bore-out at age 27 (that’s akin to burn-out, but out of boredom, and it’s real) which again opened me up to explore my options #escape #intothewild.

When it comes to our dreams, we are all a bit conditioned to not believe in them, but what lights us up is really important.

I am passionate about Nature, as you might already know or will soon discover. When I was a kid I made paper houses for june bugs and couldn’t for the life of me undestand why they wouldn’t stay put and just kept crawling out the windows and doors – I can so relate to that notion now! I studied Agric Sciences, and while I am still not sure why I didnt pick environmental sciences, I learned a lot about how curcial and political our food souvereignity is, and how very exploitative ag(g)ro business truly is.

Seeing how destructive capitalism and patriarchy are, I care a lot about social and ecological issues. I have been battling with ecogrief a lot, and while I have found a wobbly way of living with that, it doesn’t stop me from being increasingly political and learning to be loud about it – as we all should be in my opinion.

I feel it is time weย  show up for what we value and what is sacred. Consequently, I am in learning to reprogram my beliefs and reconnecting to myself and the world around me, and hope to inspire you to experiment with that as well (with due selfcare).

Drawing the lines – a wordplay on art and boundaries

A necessary and valuable part of this is that I get to redraw my lines in a way that is more sustainable, empowering and expanding for me.

Redrawing my lines also means examining how my skills and knowledge can best serve the naturelovers, starseeds and pleasurebased soulpreneurs I aim to support, while respecting my boundaries and allowing for more of me.

I also have a penchant for hearts – not the kitschy ones, but the ones that are most common: the broken, the bruised and the stitched ones. This is a nod to the traumas we all carry in these industrialised times.

Remembering what makes us human, and reconnecting to that soul and the fabric that connects everything is the magic I aim to express with my work.


My name is Myriam

Myripa is my artist name and the fusion of my full name Myriam Parth. Not very original, but it’s what works and how google now finds me. My formal education and skillset includes
graphic and communication design
media and digital illustration
comic creation
creative business and marketing know-how
webdesign and social media management.
That honed my skills for various techniques and indeed, my illustration style is quite versatile.

My BSc in Agricultural Sciences and dive into the much appreciated and powerful Permaculture Design point towards my love for Nature. I love going barefoot and sleeping outside under the stars if I get the chance (mosquitos unfortunately love me…)

For me, Nature is Panacea and absolutely Sacred. We are dependent on Nature – as a species, as individuals and for our survival and thrival. What we do to Her will come back – the good and the bad. We need to fully respect and embody indigenous peoples, their wisdom and cosmology above all else if we want true healing, magic, developement and a life worth l i v i n g. We need to be willing to learn and grow.

My curiosity for life may lead me off the beaten path, but never astray: towards psychology, somatics & trauma, shamanism, yoga and theosophy and the odd other thing. So bringing together science and spirituality supports me in fine tuning my creativity and people skills, growing as a soul and remembering the bigger picture.

I worked with many business owners and individuals to help manifest their ideas in a professional and practical manner – in terms of visuals and design, concept and marketing – and I am looking forward to supporting you in manifesting your socially and environmentally conscious dream business!


“We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert,
a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sand.
It is our work to recover the parts.
It is a painstaking process best done
when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking.”

C. Pinkola Estes




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