I am a visual creative based in Vienna/Austria. I specialize in illustration: from realistic drawings and comics to handcrafted custom logos.

I love nature and nature related themes, and I do have a penchant for hearts – not the kitschy ones, but the ones that are most common: the broken, the bruised and the stitched.

Despite the broad spectrum of my work, the common thread is clarity and essentialism. This is reflected in my realistic portraits of animals with their minimal ballpoint optic; in the clean, easy-to-read medical illustrations; even in my paintings I like to give room to the subject of the drawing and create a calm and magical atmosphere.


Call me Myriam.

Myripa is my artist name and the fusion of my full name Myriam Parth. My formal education and skillset includes graphic and communication design, media and digital illustration, comic creation, creative business and marketing know-how, webdesign and social media management. That honed my skills for various techniques and indeed, my illustration style is quite versatile.
My BSc in Agricultural Sciences and Courses in Permaculture Design point towards my love for nature. What I also learned, not in any of those schools, is that we need to appreciate, understand and embody indigenous wisdom and cosmology above all else if we want true magic, developement and a life worthΒ  l i v i n g.

My curiosity for life may lead me off the beaten path, but never astray: towards psychology, shamanism, yoga and theosophy and the odd other thing. So bringing together science and spirituality supports me in fine tuning my creativity and people skills, growing as a soul and remembering the bigger picture.

I worked with many business owners and individuals to help manifest their ideas in a professional and practical manner – in terms of visuals and design, concept and marketing – and I am looking forward to working with you someday soon.


“We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert,
a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sand.
It is our work to recover the parts.
It is a painstaking process best done
when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking.”

C. Pinkola Estes


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