I am a creative soul, offering professional and whimsical visuals, designs and logos.

Studying graphic design when digital was just getting started gave me a very useful hands-on skillset to create sophisticated designs. It also paved the way for my first legitimate bore-out at age 27 (that’s akin to burn-out, but out of boredom, and it’s real) which again opened me up to explore my options #escape #intothewild and love for nature.

I studied Agricultural Sciences and learned a lot about how crucial and political our food souvereignity is, and how very destructive and toxic the industrial agro business turns out to be.

Drawing the wild and whimsical hints at my versatile creativity and affinity for the Wild. Part of my ‘unfuddling into aliveness’ is constantly exploring ways how I can use my skills and knowledge to best serve soulful humans and Pacha Mama, while respecting my needs, boundaries and human-ness.

As a gemini sun I am curios by definition, and I love learning new and often unconventional ideas. As a libra moon I need to find the right balance by understanding the whole picture as nuanced as possible, which comes with a childlike need to keep poking the ‘Why?’.

In art and life, I have a penchant for hearts – not the kitschy ones, but the ones that are most common: the broken, the bruised and the stitched ones. This is a nod to the traumas – the unprocessed, unhealed parts – we all carry in these industrialised times.

I believe it’s important to remeber that we are all a trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body, and each part comes with its own wisdom and needs.

To access that wisdom I believe its important to incorporate pleasure in our life – and in a world that is very pushy, our work to give space to Soul is cut out for us.

To honor these needs in a world that aims to capitalize on them is an act of reloveution, and a road rarely traveled.

So I keep evolving my services into alignment with my values, including safety, transparency and fairness.


My name is Myriam

My formal education and skillset includes

* graphic and communication design
* media and digital illustration
* comic creation
* creative business and marketing
* webdesign and social media management.

* BSc Agricultural Sciences (BOKU Vienna)
* Permaculture Design Courses + Social Permaculture Design
* Yoga Teacher Training
* Pranic Healing (MCKS; Humanernergetik/Energywork) all 4 levels
* LIN (Humanenergetik/Energywork)


I love going barefoot and sleeping outside under the stars if I get the chance (mosquitos unfortunately love me…)

Hanging around in my hammock is my pleasure!

I need need my organic fruit salad every. single. day. LOVE.

I either read non-fiction or urban fantasy books – the latter exclusively by female authors. It just happened, now I am stuck.

My curiosity for life may lead me off the beaten path, but never astray: towards psychology, somatics & trauma, shamanism, yoga and theosophy and the odd other thing. So bringing together science and spirituality supports me in fine tuning my creativity and people skills, growing as a soul and remembering the bigger picture.


“We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert,
a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sand.
It is our work to recover the parts.
It is a painstaking process best done
when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking.”

C. Pinkola Estes


Honoring my lineage and my inspirations in random order:

I did not come up with anything myself, most of us don’t – we are part of an ecosystem and synchronise throught the collective.
I love learning, absorbing and combining, and I love what we can learn by sharing with each other. We all are teachers and we all are students, and thus I will never be able to name everyone who influenced my life, but here are some that especially impacted my life.

  • Luna Dietrich
  • Kim Amami
  • Kelly Diels
  • Caliban and the Witch (book and podcast)
  • Catherine Orer
  • Shauna A. Bennis