myripa's artwork is often playful, at times boldly colorful and always with a healthy touch of childlike innocence and purity.

Band-aided or externalised hearts and stitched-up scars show the emotional bruises all humans collect on this human journey like badges of honor. Big eyes offer windows to the soul and filigree details combine with exaggarated ones, giving charm to weirdness and gently reminding the viewers of our bright soul beyond.


Her faunal art complements this motley crew by delivering the same message from another angle:
Realistic portraits of animals in minimalistic ballpoint optic, highlighting our kinship with all non-human earthlings. Animals are pure with an innocent soul - free of subterfudge, malice, straightforward and authentic. The animal is merely a different manifestation of the same spirit that animates human mammals - after all, anima means soul.




About the Artist

Myriam Parth aka Myripa is very creative, especially but not limited to visual art, and she absolutely loves boosting others in the manifestation of their dreams with professional and practical help in terms of visuals and design and an ever-growing pile of marketing and business know-how.

Her professional education and skillset includes graphic and communication design, media and digital illustration, comic creation, creative business, webdesign and social media.
Her BSc in Agricultural Sciences and her Permaculture Design Courses give credit to her love for nature and curiousity to understand human - nature interdependency.

Her thirst for knowledge led her off the beaten path and towards psychology, shamanism, yoga and theosophy. Especiall the latter keeps filling in the gaps in the tapestry of knowledge, confirms inklings and solidifies intuition and brings together science and spirituality.
She found more precious pieces in the study of trauma, especially in regards to complex post-traumatic stress disorders (CPTSD). With every new understanding of her own programming, patterns, and beliefs she gains appreciation for the incarnated soul and awe for this life.


Some random and transcient tidbits about Myripa?

  • She is vegetarian since 1996 and vegan-ish since 2003.
  • She eats fruit salad for breakfast, and prefers earl grey to coffee - organic and fair, of course.
  • Hugging trees is definitely preferrable to parties!
  • She's a happy slow juicer and fast learner!
  • When it comes to fiction books she unerringly picks female authors.
  • She doesn't wear make-up, loves gypsy earrings and supporting local, small companies when the opportunity.



"We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert,
a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sand.
It is our work to recover the parts.
It is a painstaking process best done
when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking."

C. Pinkola Estes