15 easy hacks to improve life during a crisis

Since we are already busy with hygiene these days more than ever, why not add cleansing our minds and airing out our hearts? Our mindset, thoughts and our emotions create our reality and have a physical impact. Life is a flexible thing that bends and shapes to our individual and collectively agreed upon reality. I reckon it is better for me and those around me if I practice selfcare and psycho-hygiene. In fact, I feel this is a much neglected issue by most people at any given time, for varying reasons.

Self-care and psycho-hygiene boost the immune system.

We need a strong immune system to weather many storms, corona viruses and other myriad and uncountable things human life entails. A strong immune system is simply another word for our body’s innate magical self-healing power.

Every system and organism, including the human body or planet earth, aims for homeostasis – for balance. Balance equals health, and health is not an absolute state. Life is alive, thus change happens every moment – even death is basically nothing but change happening.
So to give your body the means to fight microorganism and sickness, we mainly have to remove the obstacles. This is where self-care comes in. For me, self-care includes the care for my body, mind and soul on a daily basis and yes, its a work in progress. That’s okay.

So how does one practice self care? Self care and psycho-hygiene are not just fancy words for drinking sex-on-the-beach in the bathtub or treating yourself to a manicure (though that can help). Self care means covering our base. That is actually a luxury many people do not have, and we should be grateful for every opportunity where we can boost ourselves for the day to come.


Cover your basics:

* Drink enough clean water, maybe with a squeeze or lemon or slice of cucumber, per day! Your body constist to a great part of water. If you try to swap that with other liquids, sooner or later you gonna pay the price for that. Water!

* Eat healthy foods. That means again the most basic foods: fruits, vegetables and everything nature provides in its purest form. Avoid processed foods as much as possible, that’s mainly trash your body has to get rid of again.

* Reduce animal products: Beside the proven fact that too much of animal foods is very unhealthy for us, aka it unbalances all our systems, you also ingest a lot of antibiotics, stress hormones, fear, pesticides etc. with your animal products. So reduce it and instead, do yourself and the earth a favor and eat organic, local, fair products.

* Reduce your intake of ‘daily news’. I have taken early on to only listen to the news once a day early on. Tangentially I listen to all those theories and ideas theorising about what’s really going on behind the corona scene. I have to admit, even while some theories are really interesting and most of them are conveying a rather positive outcome after all, I find that it is, all in all healthier for my state of mind to minimize the ingestion of daily news. Instead, I get the most important updates, then I choose other information or none. New inflict fear at the best of times, but especially today in times of uncertainty. Balance this out with impressions that nurture your immune system. I like reading good books, or listen to arte.de documentaries or work on my projects. Pick the information you let into your system, because it DOES shape your mindset and by extent, your immune system.

* Remember: this too shall pass. We are spiritual beings with a plethora of guardian angels – ask and allow them to help.


Calm down your nervous system

These days are very new and potentially very frightening for many people. Our nervous systems are dysregulated and our hormones are reacting to the perceived threat and put our body on high alert, actively shutting down other important systems. Stress is not healthy for us and it activates our learned coping mechanisms – but fear and stress do nothing for a clear head.

So some of the easiest ways I know to calm down the nervous system:

* Sigh. Breathe in and on you exhale give an audible sigh. Make a sound. Audible sighs, as in with a sound vibrating your vocal cords is relaxing! It is de-stressing. I calms down your system as it releases the pressure. So do it again, and again.

* Deep Belly breaths: Make the exhale longer than the inhale. This has a relaxing effect on your nervous system. Exhale double the count of your inhale. With every inhale, you belly extends outward, on the exhale, your belly flattens.This will make use of your whole lung capacity rather that just the upper part, and so will again relax your nervous system.

* Move your body! Put on some good music and shake your body and dance it out. You have no idea how extremely de-stressing this is: you literally shake the adrenalin and tension out of your body. At least 10 minutes a day, but the more the better.

* Sing: Singing and haveing fear is mutually exclusive. Pick a nice uplifting tune, because yes, music influences your moods, and you want to uplift yourself, right?

* Sleep. I know worry might cost you your sleep, but since worry won’t serve try to sleep. Use deep breathing, do the writing excercise and drink Hemp tea and Hopfen tee.

* Salt water bath/shower or even a salt water foot bath. Put regular salt in your water/on your body and let it sit or soak for 10 minutes. Wash all the negative vibes away daily.

* Nature and Sun! Take a walk in the park, spend time outdoors and in nature. Your body can take in a load of energy through sun and air. Fresh air is much easier to have these days too, with cars and planes not polluting our every breath.

* Tell your story: If you don’t have a friend who can actively listen, call a helpline. If you don’t have that, tell your teddy bear, your guardian angel or journal it out daily. I am not kidding!
The important thing is that you tell your story, thoughts, fears and let it out of your system.

* Pick up your spiritual habits: pray, sing, give thanks. You are not alone, even if there is no one around. Remember that you are a spiritual being, and it is okay to pick up a dialogue with your god or spirit guide in times of crisis. If not now, then when?! This crisis is not only about a virus, it has a spiritual dimension: our souls lack nourishment due to social, economic and personal crisis long before covid-19. So nourish your soul with conversations, pray, meditation, art, dance, song… because we need our souls to be welcomed into our lives and shine through. Best of all, this is best done respecting physical distance while bringing you closer to your Self (which will bring you closer to others consequently).

* Pick one suggestion up and make it a habit. See what happens. This is not meant as another to do list, but to give you easy tools to weather this situation. Start however works for you, but start. These tools we pick up as habits now can stay with us our whole life – just like soap and personalized face masks will probably stick with us forever, and for good reason.

Give your body the signal that you are not under attack, one sigh at a time. There is always more we think we should do, but less is more, especially if we actually do it :)


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